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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

1:24 AM

Preteen pages pass


Related article: Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 22:21:36 EST From: DickieGreenleaf7cs.com Subject: David's Initiation TaleMy name is David My story started about 2 1/2 years ago when I was 16. My dad died when I was 9 and since then I have been very close to my older cousin Evan. At the time Evan was president of his Fraternity.Now I'm 5'11" 155 bown hair and grey eyes. I am a gymanst and the rings are my speciality. Because of that I have a nicely developed upper body. I have good preteen bikini art pecs with quarter sized nipples that are the same shade of light pink as my lips. I am considered very nice looking but I was reluctant to accept that as i was an ugly duckling. I had worked on my body to develop it but nature had straighted out my looks. However when I looked in the mirror I still saw that awkward kid staring back at me..The summer before my senior year in high school I confided to Evan that I thought I was gay. He was very supportive but doubted that I was. I hadn't ever touched slut preteen pics another boy but then neither had I touched a girl. I discretely looked around in the lockerroom, taking in the sights and wanted to fool around with some of the better looking boys, but didn't know how to make it happen without getting beat up. Evan told me that many times when guys are pledging a frat they have to partake in various gay sex acts. I told him that I had heard that and in fact had several fantasies concerning that. He questioned me on particulars and I told him of some erotic gay stories on that subject I had read and beat off to. I also told him about a friend whose brother had pedo preteen shocking been throuh some of those things and had recorded them in a secret journal that wasn't so secret.Evan told me that when the time came I would have my chance to explore these desires and in such a way that would free me of any responsibilities for my actions, ie I had to for the frat. When I headed off to college I followed to the University of Miami where Evan had graduated the year before. I had no idea that Evan had set things up for me and was thrilled preteen nude fotos that preteen bikini art I was tapped to join his old fraternity.All of the guys including the new pledges were nice looking with decent bodies. When we were about a week away from hell week we were given our first instructions. To purify ourselves for initiation we were not to beat off for one whole week. Damn, that was going to be tough. I usually beat off at least twice a day and with all the flesh I was being exposed to in the dorm usually it preteen real was 3 or 4 times a day. Some of the other pledges had also said to me how tough this was and how would we ever preteen secret pics get through that. Little did any of us know that, THAT would be the least of it. On the Thursday before hell week started the next evening we were given sealed packages of clothes we were to werar to the meeting. On Friday after classes I showered making sure I was as clean as possible. I returned to my room and opened up my package, The instructions said we were to wear our own sneakers but nothing other than these contents. There was one oversized white fat preteens thumbs t shirt. One pair of thin preteen models wet white cotton shorts. There was also white briefs and athletic shorts. When I put on the briefs I soon saw that these were boys briefs at least two sizes too small. They barely covered my pubes and were stretched so thin as to be transparent. The athletic shirt was also too small and came only as low on my body preteen secret pics as mid rib cage. My pecs were outlined distinctly.I put on the shorts and then the oversize tee and headed model preteen gay preteen preteen nonude to the frat house. I was soon glad for the oversize preteen model alissa tee as the briefs had ridden up into my ass crack and were like a thong. That stimulation and me being so horny after a week without release caused to to get hard, so I was glad for the preteen links secret covering of the tee.When I got to the frat house I was greeted by actives who also wore regular tees and white shorts and if I wasn't crazy they had nothing on underneath. Maybe it was just my imagination.When we all arrived we were given one last chance to back out. Nobody did. We were then blindfolded. We were told that as a sign in our trust preteen cindy model we would have to eat something nasty and swallow it without complaing. I opened my mouth preteen model alissa but instead of a nasty taste it turned out to be applesauce. But with something gritty in it. For the next hour or so we were told the history of out frat and all the rules. Then we were told that now as a sign of our devotion to our future borthers and preteen links secret fellow pledges we must do everything asked of us for the next day. When we all agreed our blindfolds were removed. As our eyes becamed accustomed to the light again Ryan the pledgemaster told us to remove our oversize tees and shorts. We all looked quite ridiculous in the undersized underwear. All the actives laughed preteen secret pics and mocked us. Ryan said that this just wouldn't do and instructed the actives to preteen hairy porn remove our underwear for us. Hands were placed palm down on our bodies and our a-shirts were slid up and off and our briefs were slid down. All the while we were being felt up and caressed and squuezed. Well naturally it didn't take much to make horny boys who hadn't jacked off in a week hard. The pledgemaster had taken no chances though. that gritty substance preteen picture blogs in the applesauce turned out to be viagra. My dick had never been quite that full before and it just bobbed as it stood straight out form my body. I'm almost 7 inches and felt no shame about my size but I had never been hard in front of another guys before let alone a room full of guys. And all the other pledges (and quite a few actives) were hard too.Ryan said that after sitting so long and listening to the frat rules we needed to get our blood pumping again so we were to do some exercises. First came jumping jacks. All of out cocks were flying up and down and it was frankly uncomfortable. Now I understood why jockstraps are a neccesity. Then we did toe touches. We were lined up in a row and everytime we bent over we were facing another pledge's ass.Steve another senior said that it wasn't right seeing that we wern't actives yet, and therefore not men yet, that we have body hair. Ryan agreed and soon actives brought out shaving cream and razors. We laid on the rug and the actives proceeded to de-nude our bodies from the neck down. All the time they were shaving us they were touching and strokling us in the most intimate places. I know that several of us were quite red faced but knew we had sexy preteens movies to go along with this. I was secretly loving all of this. More than one actives cocks slipped out of their shorts and rubbed against our now hairless bodies. When it came to our asses we had to lean back and pull our legs up to expose our asshole. I know a couple of the other pledges found this the most degrading part and had looks of misery on their faces. When my ass was fully shaved my actices wiped preteen swimwear photos me down with a thin coat of babyoil. When they got to my asshole I felt a finger worm it's way in briefly.When we were allowed to stand again we were all as hairless as a 12 year old. Without pubes our cocks looked even larger. One of my fellow pledges gave a little shiver more out of fear than cold I believe. Someone said that we need some heat. We ought to make like Boyscouts and rub sticks together. I was paired off with Christian. Christian was an student from Denmark who came to study at the Scool of Meterology. He was my height but of a more slight build. he had very light brown hair and brown eyes. We faced each other and rocked our hips back and forth so that our hard cocks rubbed against each other. Christian gave me a look like he was saying " I can't believe we're doing this" I just smiled at him and he flashed a smile back.. The active whose idea this was said we'd never light a fire as our "hoses" kept trying to put it out. It was true we were all starting to leak a little pre-cum. Another active said that more traditional methods were needed. We knew what that meant. PADDLES. Each of ous was placed over the knee of a senior and paddled by theem and inturn by the other actives. It wasn't so much how hard they paddled us as the duration. We all now had quite red asses to match out humiliated faces. "they still seem cold" someone said. "well of course ,they're as naked as you can get" another replied. Soon they brought out "things" for us to wear. To our denuded dicks and balls were applied leather cockrings and ball seperators. Mine felt extremely tight but ,again. I had never been so hard(thanks to my arousal and the viagra, thank you very much). To our naked tits were applied tit clamps with a metal chain connecting them. The clamps were adjustable and were just tight enough to stay on. They still were quite painful but it could have been worse.Leather collars rounded out the outfit to which leashes were tied. We were led around the frat house in a line. Up stairs and down with our eyes on the exposed asshole of the pledge in front of us. When we were back in the main room again Ry said "you know our doggies are probally preteen nude fotos going to want to sniff our crotches. One by one we had our faces stuufeed into an actives crotch. More than a few pulled their didcks out and shoved them into our mouths. .Well there it was. Now we were cocksuckers.. A few of us gagged but we handled it. What came next was more than I had anticipated.. Yet another active pointed out that when dogs meet they smell each others butts. Ok now that's what we had to do. With my head in Tommy's ass in front of me I heard my new masters teling me to stick my tongue up his asshole. Now all of these guys, actives and plesdges were what I considered to be masculine all-american types of guys. It just hit me like a ton of bricks that I had my tongue up Tommy's asshole. This regular guy. Then the second ton of bricks came when I felt Mike's tongue in MY asshole.. This was just too much! We ate each other out for about 15 minutes while actives started rubbing themselves. one pulled his shorts off and was openly masturbating. Finally they decided on a idea to take a picture. We were lined up like circus dogs on on top of each other with out dicks between the buns of the guy in front of us. I would have come right then but the cockring was tight enough to prevent it.As the picture was being taken I had a moment to consider what had just happen and I discovered that I wasn't disgusted by eating ass, I enjoyed having mine eaten and enjoyed the ides of giving Tommy the pleasure that Mike was giving me.Now it was the turn of the seniors to enjoy us for the rest of the night. Ry was my master and his friend Justin took Matt as his boy. Matt was about 6'1 with brown hair and green eyes and was a pitcher on his high school baseball team. He was model handsome and I felt very attracted to him. We were led still on our hands and knees to Ry's car where we were to be taken elsewhere.. Matt and I sat in the backseat. Justin unclamped one of each of our nipple clamps and clamped it to the others tit. Every time we moved even a little bit we caused the chain to tighten and pull on our tits. It was only a 15 minute drive to Matt's family's house in Coconut Grove. Once there we were led on our leashes out of the car and crawled into the house. Matt looked so hot on his hands and knees with his large chest tapering to his waist and his big dick sticking straight out and leaking pre-cum.. Once inside we lost the tit clamps. The release of those clamps hurt almost as much as when preteen pages pass they put them on. We also lost the leashes. . Matt had the house all to himself as his family was on vacation in Europe. . we went up to his bedroorm where he had an enourmous bed. I believe it's the size called Imperial. Bigger than king sized. Matt and I were instructed that we had been very good so far and there were just a few more hours to endureRy told us to remove Justin's and his clothes. It was very hot to slowly undress Ry. He had a hairy chest and nice body.. First we were told to give them both tongue baths as it was a hot night and they were quite sweaty. From head to toe we licked everywhere. Actually it was a clean sweat and not disgusting. When I got back to the top of Ry he pulled me to him and gave me a deep kiss. God, I had no inkling that this is how kissing could be. I wanted it to go on forever. Justin had what was going to really mess out minds up. He had a double headed dildo. He grease it and first worked it into Matt. This was not easy. It took a lot of coaching but eventually Matt bore down like taking a dump and the head made it's way into him. Justin gave him time to adjust and then it was my turn. I thought it would rip me in two but I eventually took it too. It took a long time for me to adjust to that monster. Matt had set up two chairs for him and Ry and they sat in them and motion for us to get between them.There was just enough room for model nud preteen us on our hands and knees. Our asses were right up against each other pushing the dildo as deep as it could go into us. Now this appealed to my childish side. Two naked boys wiggling their asses against each other. Only now every time we moves it caused the dildo to move and we were making it hit each other's prostate. It was hot and funny. Evertime it hit that spot we would yelp the best we could with a dick stuck down our throats. Eventaully Ry told me he was going to come and I waited and swallowed his load the best I could but some of it dribbled down my face. Justin chose to pull his dick out and shoot his load nonnudes thumbs preteen all over Matt's handsome face. We panted after our job was finished. I thought surely now we would be allowed to come. But no.First the dildo was removed from our asses leaving an empty feeling. Then Justin said we had to lick the cum off of each other's face. This was great on my part. I never thought my tongue would ever get near such a handsome face. Matt seemed to enjoy it too. movie preteen naked He was even a better kisser than Ry. We then dove into Justin's pool to cool and clean off.It was now about 4 in the morning. We were told that they had made arrangements for Matt and I to be roomates and the actives had already moved our things into a double in Mahoney Hall. Now we had to get there. First we were given keys to our room on a chain we wore around out necks. Then I was given a pair of shorts. But for who I thought. they were huge. Justin told Matt to climb in behind aisan preteen models me. We then put on a single large t-shirt. . We had to walk back to the school and do it before it got light out. We quickly discovered tha we had to move in unison . Right leg, left leg. right arm swing, left arm swin. With every step Matt's still hard and dripping dick rubbed my ass. On the way Matt and I discussed our initiaion. He got off on it too. He told me that he wanted to fuck youg preteen my cute ass. I told him jokingly, "not without buying me dinner first.... and me fucking you afterward."He said of course. I was dumbfounded. This was going to be a great year. When we got to the dorm there were a couple of people up and around and we endured the laughter. We found our room and got out of the outfit. Finally we got to take off those cockrings.. A note in the room explained that now we could come but had to get each other off.. We quickly chose to 69. With all the cum in our balls from not jerking off for a week and all the stimulation our prostates hade received earlier we soon came buckets down each others throats. We retired to seperate beds but both chose to sleep on out stomachs as our asses were still sore form the paddleing and the dilso.As I lay there looking at the morning sun on Matt's ass I thought "Thank you Evan." This must have been my wonderful cousin's doing And it was.
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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

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